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Catherine McGinness

Catherine McGinness, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine

Gender: Female

Language: English,

Locations: Rush Oak Park Physicians Group Anchor
610 S Maple Ave : Ste 3900
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 524-1674
Fax: (708) 660-2647

Medical School

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago - MD


St. Joseph Hospital and Med. Ctr - Family Medicine


It is very important to see the doctor occasionally to make sure that you don’t have medical problems. If you feel fine that doesn’t mean that your blood pressure is normal. It doesn’t mean your cholesterol is normal. So it’s not a bad idea to have a doctor who knows you — so they know you if you do get sick — and who has done some basic surveillance to tell you how often you need to be monitored for things like blood pressure, like blood sugar, like cholesterol that creep up on people as we get older. Mammograms have been around forever, but I can tell you the way they’re doing them now is different, and you’ve got better imaging, you’ve got better results. Breast cancer is not something you’re born with, it develops over time. And if we keep looking for it, we find small things that haven’t spread and they’re more treatable. Always remember, it’s a service business — I’m a service employee. So I’m really there to see what they need — not necessarily what they want, but what they need.