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Lucy Fox

Lucy Fox, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine

Gender: Female

Language: English, Spanish, Russian

Locations: Rush Oak Park Physicians Group Family Medicine
610 S Maple Ave : Ste 2500
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 660-2900
Fax: (708) 660-2901

Rush Oak Park ER Physician Group
520 S Maple Ave : Emergency Dept
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 660-5997
Fax: (708) 660-2251
Board Certified: Family Medicine

Medical School

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago - MD


Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center - Family Medicine


I have some families where I’m seeing three or even four generations of the same family. So I really get to know these people. I feel like after all these years that I’ve been part of their lives, that that’s a very deep and meaningful role that I play. It would be a good idea if you haven’t seen a doctor in a long time to schedule a physical and just check in — make sure you are as healthy as you think you are. I’ll tell someone if they can stay out of my office for a year — or even two if they’re someone maybe in their twenties. But sometimes there are things that you don’t know about. Most people who are diagnosed with diabetes are estimated to have had it for five years before they’re actually diagnosed. I like to prevent disease much more than I like to treat disease. And sometimes I’ll get patients who come to me who have the chronic illnesses — the diabetes, the high blood pressure, the high cholesterol. If we can get their diet under control, if we can get them to live a more healthy lifestyle, sometimes I can even take medications away. And nothing makes me happier than helping people get off of some of the medications that they came to me on.